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Documentary : Vertical Frontier
Film Resources:

Camp 4
by: Steve Roper
Climbing Adventures: A Climber’s Passion
by: Jim Bridwell
Climbing Free
by: Lynn Hill (with Greg Child)
Defying Gravity
by: Gary Arce
El Capitan
by: Daniel Duane
Fifty Classic Climbs
by: Steve Roper and Allen Steck
History of the Sierra Nevada
by: Francis Farquhar
How to Rock Climb (How to Rock Climb Series)
by: John Long
Mountaineering Essays
by: John Muir
Royal Robbins: Spirit of the Age
by: Pat Ament
The Vertical World of Yosemite
by: Galen Rowell
Yosemite Big Walls: Supertopos
by: Chris McNamara
Masters of Stone (II, III, IV, V)
Eric Perlman Productions
Painted Spider
Mike Carville, Producer
Ascending Rhythms
Sterling Johnson & Ron Kauk, Producers
El Capitan
Fred Padula, Producer
Yosemite: Fate of Heaven
Jon Else, Producer/Director
Free Climbing the Nose
Lynn Hill, Producer
Sentinel: The West Face
Roger Brown, Producer 1-970-524-9769


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